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I’m ready to put in the effort needed to follow this program and make REAL, CONSISTENT money with the legitimate jobs that I will perform from the comfort of my own home.

I am aware that Global-Data-Entry is taking all the risk out of this small one-time fee I am completely covered by Global-Data-Entry's 60-day members' hosting access fee money-back guarantee. I will be refunded 100% of my account access fee if I am not totally happy with this program for any reason. All that is require of me is to email a copy of my pay receipt and I will be refunded all of my money I paid at sign up.

I also understand that a one-time-only $49.95 fee is the only money I will EVER have to pay for everything that is offered with this program. There is no limit to the earnings I can make, and any earnings are completely my own.

I understand that I am not paying for any kind of business or franchise opportunity.
I understand that I am not being charged or will ever be charged for any work-at-home jobs.
I understand that I am an independent contractor for the companies and jobs I will be working with.
I understand that my success and earnings is completely up to me and my work ethic.
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